December 13, 2006

Tinkerbell studies

I've just made some few seconds sketches from Peter Pan to analize a scene and I realized that I should do it more often because it's so enjoyable...and studying frame by frame those old school animations is always amazing.. sometimes depressing but still amazing... :)

so, other 8 days of work and I'll be packing my suitcase for Italy! these holidays will be so short but I can't wait to see my family and have breakfast with my favourite biscuits.

December 03, 2006

When I was young..

..When I was young I really Loved a japanese tv series called Memole ("Memoru" is the japanese title). It was one of the cutest things in the world, soft watercolour backgrounds and hundreds of tiny precious bouncin' pixies...!
I've just found this super-old drawing I made in the school years during some boring lessons, I was probably seventeen..:)

The animation on Kells is keeping me very busy (which is definitely good!) but I hope to be writing here soon again, take care!

October 13, 2006

Ice-skating Skunk

These are from "The Art of Turtle Watching", my last Skunk Fu storyboard.
It was great to work on that episode, very funny script, lots of action and crazy chasings on ice and snow.
And Skunk looked so cute with the snow hat... :)

More from Marla

These are some of the secondary characters I've made with my friend Alice for our film "Marla".

October 06, 2006

The Art of Leaving Them Laughing

These are some storyboard drawings I've made for my pal Razmo's "The Art of Leaving Them Laughing", a very crazy and cool Skunk Fu episode!
Good night,

September 30, 2006


Here's a picture I've made for Skunk Fu a while ago, when I was boarding the episode "The Art of Darkness". The shot had to link two sequences, but it had been finally cut for timing reasons. It's made in flash, as the whole storyboard.
..Really nice days and lot of fun in that crazy crew! :)

September 20, 2006

A new blog and a new chapter

I finally posted some images on the blog of "Marla", the short film I made with my two friends Alice and Simona two years ago...ahh memories. Anyway, here is the link:
hope you'll enjoy it!

And...speaking of memories, here is the lovely card the Skunk crew have made for me and alf. We got a 'goodbye party' for our last day on the show..from next monday our desks will be downstairs, in the room where we'll be animating again with pencil and lightbox on the feature film "Brendan and the Secret of Kells", another fantastic project here in Cartoon Saloon.. So lots of different feelings, excitement, melancholy..we really had a great time on Skunk Fu, especially for the very nice people we worked with. We'll miss you guys! :)

A couple of Skunk Fu animations

August 10, 2006

'And I Love' music video

Here is the videoclip I've made with Alfredo some time ago, trying to find some free hours in the evening... actually very few. The video was commissioned by the irish singer Wayne Brennan and had to look like a "kid's drawing", very very simple in animation and graphic style, keeping the feeling "happy and cute".
Hope you'll enjoy it.

July 14, 2006


Another still frame from our music video :)

Back from the profiteroles break

Here are some other life drawings....
I still remember the cramp I got when I drew the one with my hands :)
And now, after this break...back to animate.
See ya

July 13, 2006

Some life drawings

Music video

Hi again, these are some still frames from the music video that my boyfriend Alfredo Cassano and I are making. It's been commissioned by the Irish singer Wayne Brennan and it is a love song, so...the cuter the better!
Drawn on flash, but animated in the traditional way.
Good night :)


Hi there and welcome to my blog :) I eventually decided to create a little room for my silly drawings and my animations, waiting to find a bit of time to organize my website...hopefully one day i will post the link!
My name is Alessandra Sorrentino but you can call me Ale as no one ever spells my name right anyway :) I'm a traditional animator and storyboard artist and right now I'm working at Cartoon Saloon, a really nice and friendly animation studio in Kilkenny, Ireland.
Hope you'll enjoy this page!