July 14, 2006


Another still frame from our music video :)

Back from the profiteroles break

Here are some other life drawings....
I still remember the cramp I got when I drew the one with my hands :)
And now, after this break...back to animate.
See ya

July 13, 2006

Some life drawings

Music video

Hi again, these are some still frames from the music video that my boyfriend Alfredo Cassano and I are making. It's been commissioned by the Irish singer Wayne Brennan and it is a love song, so...the cuter the better!
Drawn on flash, but animated in the traditional way.
Good night :)


Hi there and welcome to my blog :) I eventually decided to create a little room for my silly drawings and my animations, waiting to find a bit of time to organize my website...hopefully one day i will post the link!
My name is Alessandra Sorrentino but you can call me Ale as no one ever spells my name right anyway :) I'm a traditional animator and storyboard artist and right now I'm working at Cartoon Saloon, a really nice and friendly animation studio in Kilkenny, Ireland.
Hope you'll enjoy this page!