February 22, 2007


Rainy, rainy, rainy days here in Kilkenny...

But this post is not to curse the irish weather (well, not this time..)!

It is to introduce you to a very talented artist who is also one of the nicest persons I've ever known. His name is Mike Nguyen and he has just made a new personal website called "Rainplace". Yay!

Here is the link: www.rainplace.net

Above: illustration by Mike Nguyen


And here is the link of "My Little World", the feature film he's directing at July Films. http://www.julyfilms.com/

Have a look, you'll find amazing things :)

Enjoy the rest of the week, and me..I'll hopefully come back soon..



Sandra said...

Hello Ale!! It is such a pleasure meeting you through blogging. ; ) You are so talented and sweet and from Ireland...Wow!! I am so honored that you visited my blog and left me such a sweet comment. Thank you so much. I am feeling better. Your thoughts were greatly appreciated. I look forward to visiting your blog. You have such a beautiful name. Here is a copy of what I posted as a reply to your visit to my blog:

Hi Ale!! What a wonderful pleasure meeting a new blogging friend and so extremely talented and from Ireland...Wow!!! I greatly appreciated your visit and your kind thoughts. I am feeling much better. Thank you so very much for being so sweet and wishing me well. I'll surely send lots of sunshine your way!! ; ) In my archives of the summer months, I have several pics of the beach. Check 'em out sometime and let me know what you think.

Your profile sketch is absolutely adorable!! I am going to add you as a link so I can continue to visit with you. Your blog is incredible!! I love Marla!! Wow!!

Thanks again for the visit!

Sunshine and smiles to ya!,

--Countrygirl from Texas, USA

Ale said...

Hi Sandra, i'm glad you appreciated my work in here and thank you very much for all your kind comments..well, even though i'm italian, i'm just working in ireland since a couple years ;)
hear you soon and stay well!

Sandra said...

Hi Ale!! Lovely hearing from ya! Thanks, I'm glad you like my Dad's place. It is a pic of where I grew up. I sure am enjoying visiting your blog and you are very welcome for the well deserved comments and compliments. I switched your link to say that you are from Italy. ; ) Take care always! I'm feeling well, thanks! ; )

Sunshine and smiles to ya from Texas!!,


Marcos Mateu said...

Interesting post, I actually met the guy in L.A. Really nice guy and great artist!
Thanks Ale.

Pepe Sanchez said...

Hello Ale,
Very nice work!! I really love your colour skethes and bg. I will check back often for updates. Keep it up!



elephantmarchblog said...

Yes, rainy weather is somthing we're familar with here in vancouver as well. I checked out stuff for My little World. It's beautifal. Kudos to your friend...

Joe said...

Great work. I really like your blog.

Alina Chau said...

This is a great recommendation!! THanks!

sylvain Marc said...

Hello Ale,hope you're still well in ireland far from your sunny italy.I wish I could go to work to Italy,be strong and keep working,I hope to see you one of these days...

jesse said...

Hey Ale thanx for the kind words..
haha that model WAS boring hey?! I dont think she had an original pose in her body.. Maybe Jessicas new sessions will revive the spirit. Good stuff you and your friends are posting too!

Shuku said...

Ale, thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I've been looking through yours and it just blows me away. SO much inspiration! It's lovely to meet you, I'm going to be visiting ever so often now!