April 15, 2007

Last scene on Kells

Today was a bit of a nostalgic one as I was animating my very last scene from The Secret of Kells.
I just can't believe it is actually going to an end after all these months..
I've been working mostly on Aisling, the little fairy. She's a very nice character to animate, I thing I'm going to miss her :)
The film is looking beautiful and the background design is just lovely. I really can't wait to see how it'll look on the big screen!

So I had to say goodbye to my messy lightbox, at least during the working hours in the studio. From next week I'll start animating with Alfredo the flash sequence of the film!
It will be about four minutes of 'traditional animation on wacom', as I use to call it.. I am actually very excited about this, even if to me the warmth of pencil and paper is irreplaceable, sometimes it feels so free doing the same thing on flash, and the immediate feedback thing is just amazing ;)

Have a nice weekend everybody and take care,