June 10, 2007

Little summer thingies

Oh my, it has been a while! I've been working with Alfredo on the flash sequences of the film, which I have to say are a lot of fun to animate.
Some of them are very different from each others, in terms of graphic style and animation timing.. my favourite one is probably the 'white chalk on a blackboard' sequence. It's basically frame by frame animation and childish drawings that come from Brendan's hand. I think it came up pretty cute and I can't wait to see the final texture effect that the oversea studio is adding to it.
Two more weeks of work and I'll see myself saying goodbye to the Cartoon Saloon studio and Kilkenny after all this time.. it feels so weird! But after that, a long well deserved holiday in my sunny Italy!!! :D

The sketch on the top is an early study for a little story I'm developing for the Cartoon Saloon Anthology. The book should come out in Autumn, I'm very curious to see what everyone here is sneakily working on!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!