August 02, 2007

Turin sketches

I'm finally back from my very relaxing holidays! I've spent about one month travelling across my beloved Italy and visiting some other gorgeous towns in Europe on our way back to Ireland. But it's in Turin, my hometown, that I always find my peace of mind. I've been missing it so much. The weather was so pleasantly warm even in the night and we had delicious gelato and soft, really tasty pizza like I haven't eaten in ages. :)

Top: old picture of Turin, Via Pietro Micca

Bottom: a couple of study sketches from different views.


ernia said...

oooo anche io voglio tornare a torino mi ha fatto venire voglia di 19 agosto ci torno..e spero da ottobre di rimanerci ..ciauuu

Ale said...

a chi lo dici erne'!!
l'italia mi manca un sacco, io per un po' ci tornerei volentieri...

Marcos Mateu said...

Great pictures, beautiful! too bad some of them can't be enlarged, as in the case of the two Torino sketches which actually look amazing (can you do something about it?)
By the way, the one from under the arches feels veeery Torino indeed.

Good for you!

Ale said...

Hey Marcos! :)

Thanks for stopping by, I actually had some problems with blogger or something misterious, but anyway yeah the links didn't work properly... Now it should be fixed (well I cheated hehe)

Let me know!

jesse said...

Aaah yes such a lovely trip indeeed!
Probably one of my best! I will never forget that fig tree.. LOL!