August 08, 2007

Skunk Fu Website!

After successfully airing on BBC this summer, "Skunk Fu" has got his own website!!
Check it out!
You can watch the first 26 episodes on weekdays at 3.45/3.50 on BBC1 and on Saturdays at 6pm on the CBBC Channel. It has already premiered on ABC Australia. Yay!

Here's the SKUNK FU Title Sequence. Click play and enjoy! There's a few of my animations here and there... :)


Foad Ghorbani said...

Hi Alina,
This is a great job, but I am wonder that it worked with flash or most animations in 3d?
I will wait for the dvd of this version.

Ale said...

Hi Foad,
there's no 3d in there. What you see is just flash animation, and for some scenes it's almost traditional as we didn't use symbols so much. :)

Foad Ghorbani said...

Hi Ale,
Thanks for reply.Please check my blog.I will post some of new flash animation soon.

Dave Pryor said...

Looks very Cool! I'll be on business in Australia next week so I'll have to keep a lookout for the cartoon!

Doron Meir said...

Nice, I liked it. I loved the walk/run cycles, too. Funny :)

Doron Meir said...

Nice, I like it. I also like the walk/run cycles, they're really fun to watch.

Marco Z said...

I love it! This show is great!
Ricambio i complimenti che hai fatto sul mio blog e ti prometto che mettero altri sketches.
Certo che se questo è il risultato di emigrare in Irlanda....chi te lo fa fare di tornare in Italia?
Continua così!

Ale said...

Eh Marco...non sai quanto sono combattuta!
il lavoro all'estero e' senza dubbio un altro pianeta...
ma il sole, il cibo fantastico, il clima mamma? dove li mettiamo? ;D