October 22, 2007

Happy Ale

I'm finally settled in my new apartment in Turin! Yay!!
Italy is lovely these days, gorgeous autumn colours and a fantastic weather exactly as I expected. Winter is coming though, the air is getting cooler and the chestnut men have already taken their strategic spots in the city centre :)
Alfredo and I started animating on the feature again, working from home is very comfortable and I totally love the studio room we organized.. it's so cosy and there's all the equipment and supplies we need - italian coffee machine included, of course!
Quiz: ...who remembers who's the happy fella on the top? ;)

October 21, 2007

Skunk Fu - STORYBOARD TO SCREEN comparison


A few sequences from an episode I boarded for the tv show "Skunk Fu" at Cartoon Saloon.
It's all done with Flash.
Too bad the video viewer is so small...ah well!

October 07, 2007

Heading south

So just a quick post for friends to say that I'm still alive and happy and so so busy :)
I came back only a couple of weeks ago from my trip to the States, which was awesome!! Thanks to our friends Armand Serrano, Marcelo Vignali, Marcos Mateu, Paul Lasaine, Evan Smith, Mike Nguyen and all the lovely people we met at Sony, Pixar and July Films, we had a really fantastic time.
Back home I had to sort out immediately my moving to Italy.. I flew there to sign contracts and whatnot, back to Ireland again to pack everything and start my new freelance job....Nuts!! :D
It's almost all done, the car is exploding but ready to go and I hope our cute evil hamster Filippo will enjoy the roadtrip. We are leaving tomorrow morning!
It's a very strange feeling to leave after these years, but I am so excited about the chance of spending a while in my hometown. I've been missing the sunshine so much lately and the idea of staying close to my family and friends again after so much time makes me feel all warm and smiley :)
The broadband in the new apartment should be ready by the end of next week, so I hope I'll be able to post some drawings very soon!

The picture on the top was taken while I was in San Francisco, it's been on my desktop during these messy weeks as a reminder to stay relaxed..!

Have a lovely weekend and.. talk to you later ;)