October 22, 2007

Happy Ale

I'm finally settled in my new apartment in Turin! Yay!!
Italy is lovely these days, gorgeous autumn colours and a fantastic weather exactly as I expected. Winter is coming though, the air is getting cooler and the chestnut men have already taken their strategic spots in the city centre :)
Alfredo and I started animating on the feature again, working from home is very comfortable and I totally love the studio room we organized.. it's so cosy and there's all the equipment and supplies we need - italian coffee machine included, of course!
Quiz: ...who remembers who's the happy fella on the top? ;)


Shuku said...

Studio room! I'm jealous!

Yay hearing from the Ale, it's wonderful knowing you're happy and settling. Italian coffemachine. You are making me want my own place now, not just a slice of room...and I don't remember that kitty though he's awful familiar. Figaro's black. And this one's like the Tom and Jerry kitten...or possibly Totoro :P


Ale said...

shuku! crazy..i was thinking of your singing lessons when you left me that comment :D
ahah i'm glad that the kitten was in some way familiar to you, i'm sure you know him....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog Alessandra . I must have just missed you guys visiting Sony when you were over . According to Marcos and the guys I was in Ireland at the time . I must have passed both of you in the airport on the way back .

Italy is fabulous especially at this time of year . Unfortunately we have nothing but fires and heat here at the moment .

Beautiful work on the blog and I am definately looking forward to seeing how Kells tuns out .

Ale said...

Simon, thanks for the visit!

Yes I think we probably just passed each other at the airport. I remember Marcos and the guys in LA were saying that you were just gone to Ireland, and I thought you must have been a very brave guy as when we left Kilkenny it was COLD! :)

I'm sure we'll have the chance to meet each other again, and as we said you guys are more than welcome to come over anytime.

Take care!

Polyminthe said...

Hello ale and alf!
you must be so glad to be back home.So your mom won't need to send you boxes full of products anymore...A lot of italians here are depressed because of the weather.I'd love to come and visit you some day, and I wish there was animation work in Italy,I would go!
See you soon, I hope, friends.Good luck.CIAO!!!

rainplace said...

Hello Ale,

i'm very happy for you and Alf!

Happy Autumn!!!!!

(The happy fella is 'Red'? Just a wild guess :) )


Cool!! I love your stile!Very funny sketches!

Marco Z said...

a-haaa..sei tornata in Italia, ce l'hai fatta!!!!!
ma ho letto che stai lavorando ad un feature...è sempre quello irlandese o è uno nuovo?
mi piace questo gatto!

Marcos Mateu said...

Enjoy the beautiful mountain views now!

marco piersma said...

Barnie bear?
Sounds like you two are really enjoying the freelance life!
I like your blog and really like the photo you took in Frisco,WOW!
Good luck with your work and say hello to stronzo, haha!

Ale said...

Sylvain, you're right. My mom doesn't need to send me boxes full of delicious food anymore: she's bringing them herself here! :D
No more post dealing and no more crashed cakes!
See you soon my friend!

Mike, thanks for the visit! We are happy too and enjoying autumn...Eating roasted chestnuts right now!
The little cat is not my dear Red though, but thanks for the nice guess :"")

Antonio, thank you so much!

Marco, mi hai beccata! ;) Essi' ce l'ho fatta finalmente, lo sai quanto mi mancava casuzza bella. Si, sto lavorando ancora a Brendan, ancora un paio di mesi e abbiamo finito le animazioni!
Non vedo l'ora di vederle sul big screen!

Marcos! Actually yesterday snowed on the Alps and I can see it from my balcony! Those mountains are amazing..!

Marco "P", thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment, we didn't have the chance of saying goodbye! How are the dogs? You're still in Dublin? Good luck with your work too and Alf says stronzo back ;)

Ciao ciao!


Cool. Ive got to get to Italy. Have fun. That drawing is really fun.

Colpetto said...

i think should be a carachter made by Pino>
i`m not really sure,and i could change my opinion about the wrote comment,but..i have finished my english range of words.
Attached the purchase.

Ale said...

Shane, thanks for the visit! You definitely should get a trip here ;) Anytime!

Colpetto.....il tuo inglese invece e' impressionante, parli esattamente come il mio amico di Manchester.... ;D

martin wittig said...

Awesome! The images from your film look really good! I cant wait to see more. Your Figure drawing portfolio is really nice too!:)

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Hi Ale!

Happy to see you're nicely settled in Turin! It must be so good for you to be back in Italy... with good coffee of course... and delicious food! And the sun... !!!

Looking forward to see your new work! By the way... cute little cat :-)

Take care,

Genevieve xx

Colpetto said...

ciao there.
let me your skype's contact so i
shall contact you for apologize me about the text that i did'nt reply.
keep in touch .

Ale said...

Colpetto...perche' ti ostini :D
non ti preoccupare, lo so che sei sbadato. ah se lo so....
per Skype: cerca "Alessandra Sorrentino", sono l'unica che sta a Torino ;)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Nice sketch Ale, but I can't place the cat desgin. It looks influenced by Japanese animation, but NOT the early Kimba/Astro-Boy stuff from Osamu Tezuka. I'll take a guess this character dates back to the 1980s.

Ale said...

hehe Marcelo, good guess ;)
the little one comes right from the 80's...i actually discovered that japanese series weren't really big in the US and Canada, as they were in Europe.
I literally grew up with their characters and I have to say that the best tv series I've ever seen are from the 70's and 80's old japanese animation. the "Nippon" studio in particular made an awesome job on his shows, visibly pushing the quality on the animation and backgrounds. unfortunately it's hard to see something like that on tv these days..! :)

wayl said...

posi o nega?

Ale said...

grande! nega naturalmente ;)