November 15, 2007

there you go..bigger!

For those who asked for a bigger version of the "storyboard to screen" video, I finally managed to upload a swf on my website.. :)

Now back to my scenes...ciao!


Marcos Mateu said...

Oh my god! my screen went white!
Anyways, for some reason I can't see anything. I hope you'll give me a solution for it!
Hope you are well

Ale said...

Ahah oh my goodness Marcos!
Don't worry, your screen is safe, I guess it's just a question of getting a flash player on your computer, or upgrade it if it's an old version.
Let me know! ;)

rose-a-petits-pois said...

That is great Ale! Very very cute :-)
And nice website as well.

How is November in Italy?? Warm and sunny?
And when Brenden will be in the cinemas? I can't wait to see it :-)

Take care,
Genevieve xx

gemini82 said...

I'm so happy I could just kiss you, lol. Thanks for posting the larger version, i'm got to convert to quicktime so I can view it frame by frame.


Ale said...

Hey Genevieve,
I can't wait for that too ;)
I am working on the very last scenes of my very last sequence these days, and the whole animation is gonna be finished pretty soon as well. The film will be released in Europe next year, and apparently they are dealing to distribute it in the US as hopefully you'll be able to see it by then!
Autumn in Italy is lovely, pretty cold but very bright and clear sky. I'll post some pictures later ;)
Take care my friend, hope all is well over there!

Mick said...

why don't ya post more stuff??? Is it because of the busy-ness

Ale said...

You're right my dear micky-bear.. awfully busy! Tell the world out there I said hi :D