January 09, 2008

The tiny couple on Cold Hard Flash!

a scene concept I did for And I Love

Today "Alf and I" have been featured on Cold Hard Flash with our music video And I Love, a happy coincidence as it's Alfredo's birthday!
Thank you so much Aaron for your nice words and Buon Compleanno Alf!

Here's the link to the post: http://www.coldhardflash.com/2008/01/irish-couple-work-for-brennans-love.html


martin wittig said...

This looks very nice!:)


That's beautiful Alessandra!

Sorrentino said...

lovin the drawings below too!

Ale said...

Martin and Antonio, thank you so much ;)
Sorrentino, hehe..same surname it's so funny. Thank you for stopping by!

Shuku said...

Ale! Oh that's such a -lovely- video and the drawings are absolutely perfect for the song. Sweet, innocent, and enchanting.

I'm taking a break tonight from the chainmaille; my fingers hurt a bit too much ;) I will definitely try to record the arietta - it's called 'Nel cor piu non mi sento'. It's pretty but oh so hard to sing!


Marcos Mateu said...

As I mentioned to you guys I saw the animated video long time ago and it is one really cute, nice piece of animation, love the graphics, love the pacing!!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Congratulations to both you and Alf. Also, a very happy birthday to Alfredo. My daughter, Graziella, had her birthday on January 9.

Happy New Year.

tomm said...

congrats to you talented pair!

vincentbd/Renton said...

Heyhey !! I love this little draw ;)
And all your blog !!

Ale said...

Thank you so much guys for you support! :D

Ale said...

Marcelo, thank you for your words and happy birthday to Graziella!