March 13, 2008

More flash animaton

(HQ recommended)

So, as requested I am posting more animation from Wulfie. This is a scene I made with Alfredo, I animated the little girl Libby and the turtle and he animated the wolf and the hare.
As for the "skipping" one posted below, this scene is part of the ending sequence of the trailer and it was made entirely in Flash. With much fun!


flaviano said...

haha bella questa, minchia se corre la testugine?!!!:o
il giovane Olden faceva Caulfield di cognome...;)
senti un po: sei iscritta al forum di SketchCrawl? se no, fallo e convinciamo Enrico a fare una tappa a Torino!!! (Valentino-Granmadre-Mole-PzzaCastello sarebbe fichissimo)

gemini82 said...

Could you post more about your process. I'm interested in learning how using flash, in a traditional way, differs from traditonal pencil and paper.

I've tried and I just can't get the control I cant get with pencil and paper.

Have you developed any work arrounds or is just a matter of using a better quality wacom?

P.S. Love seeing level of work in flash

flaviano said...

vabbè ho appena scoperto che non c'è da convincere nessuno perchè tutte le tappe sono in contemporanea. quindi, ci saresti? riesci a radunare qualcun'altro?

Ale said...

Flaviano, a voglia! :) Verrei molto volentieri e penso riscirei a radunare un po' di gente. Con queste belle giornate primaverili poi sarebbe proprio una bella cosa. Quando sara' la prossima?

flaviano said...

29 marzo! si sarebbe fico fare un giro al Valentino. io sto spargendo la voce. sul forum di sketchcrawl trovi il thread apposito (anche per postare poi i disegni)
se vuoi ci sentiamo via mail per stabilire il percorso e gli orari.

Marcelo Braga said...

WOW! That's amazing. All the characters look Great, each with their individual personalities. I particularly like the turtle, with that determined look in it's face. This Show will be Really Cool.

Welly said...

Sei bravisssima complimenti per il tuo lavoro,Welly!!!

Ale said...

gemini82 - I don't really have first pass levels of work to show, as what you see is actually the rough stage of the scene. I got a story panel as reference and I started animating directly in Flash, with the same approach I have when I use pencil and paper.
The scene will be then cleaned up by the studio in Ireland, using another software.
About your other question, all I used is really just my wacom tablet and the brush tool, no fancy plugins..that's why I loved it: simple and quick ;)

marcelo braga - thank you!

welly - grazie mille per la visita!

Mr Harte said...

looks great ale!

Richard Gaines said...

The animation is so fluid and organic! I love the designs for all the characters. Please keep me updated on more work!

Shuku said...

Ale! YAY more Wulfie! Such a lovely piece of animation - especially the little girl's expression of glee and the cranky tortoise...

I hope the pirates haven't been eating up all your sunshine and free time, that would be so very ungentlemanly of them!

Who still owes you Italian songs yes!

a.g.barrows said...

gran bella animescion...
uh...per lo sketchcrawl...mi fate sapere? magari vengo anch'io e vi vado a prendere da bere mentre disegnate :P

Ale said...

Aidan - great to hear from you! Thank you so much. Hope all is well in Florence, I promise I'll pay a visit soon ;)

Richard - I will! Thanks for your kind words.

Shuku, hehe you're right, now you owe me the Italian arietta!..Just kidding, I'm glad you liked the little race ;) The pirates will actually keep me busy for a while, but spring is coming and I'll definitely take my time to enjoy the weather!

Barro' - ma grassie caro! Per Sketchcrawl ti avevo gia' messo in conto... ;) Ti faccio sapere appena ci organizziamo. Un abbraccio!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work. Very appealing .

I am happy to see that it is possible to do this sort of traditional animation work in Flash . This makes me want to try using Flash. I understand that you say that you are not doing anything "special", simply "animating directly in Flash, with the same approach I have when I use pencil and paper." and " all I used is really just my wacom tablet and the brush tool, no fancy plugins..that's why I loved it: simple and quick ."

but this work you are posting is really much superior to most of the work I see done in Flash. You are super talented.

May I ask more questions: are you using regular Wacom tablet (Intous) or the Cintiq tablet ? In Flash how do you set the Brush tool ? Flash 8 or Flash CS3 ? (I do not have either, but someone gave me an install disk for older version, Flash MX 2004 , which I've not used much ... are the newer versions of Flash much better for drawing than Flash MX 2004 ?) How do you roll/ flip the drawings to check your volumes and spacing ?

Sorry, for these naive questions... I guess it's just like the bright-eyed kids back at Cal Arts asking Glen Keane: "gee, Mr. Keane, what kind of pencil do you use ? " thinking if we used the same pencil as Glen then our drawings would turn out like Glen Keane's drawings ! :-)

Ale said...

Hi, thank you for your very nice and encouraging words, I really appreciated. :)
I am using a Intuous 3, A5 Wacom tablet. I find it very comfortable, even if I actually never tried drawing on a Cintiq. I'm afraid that if I like it, then I'll have to buy one..!
About the program version, the one I have is Flash 8. To be honest I didn't notice a big difference with Flash Mx from a drawing point of view.. on the other hand what I found surprising is that running it on a mac the program crashes like once a year..
I use to set the brush tool with the "pressure" option, that's really the only thing I make sure of, while the smoothing function is at 50 (I just lazily accepted the default values.. :)
About the flipping, I love shortcuts so what I usually do is left hand on the "," and "." (backward- forward) buttons and right hand drawing. The onion skin is good to double check arcs and spacing, and of course when you're done there is that amazing thing: the instant linetest!
I hope that could be of some help, thank you again for your visit and take care!

Jez Hall said...

Gorgeous Ale!

elephantmarchblog said...

This is seamless! Gorgeous!
Kudos, thats all I can say.

Claudio Cerri said...

Bravissima. Ottima animazione!!

Kyri Kyprianou said...

nicely done! i really like your work here..

rose-a-petits-pois said...

How nice Ale !!
Looks so dynamic ! I love the expression of the little girl when she arrives first :-)

g. xx

Ale said...

Jez - hey thanks my friend ;) Hope all is well over there!

Elephantmarch, Kyri - thank you so much for your comments!

Claudio - grazie mille!

Genevieve - hi my dear, thanks for the visit! I'm very glad you enjoyed that, cause to me that was the funniest part of the scene to animate ;)

Daniele Scali said...

bellissimi Ale, mi gusta un sacco la tartaruga..
Contate anche me e marta per uno sketchcrawl a torino.

PaoloArmitano said...

bella! Bella fresca. Cia'!

Armand Serrano said...

These animation are fantastic, Ale. It's always refreshing to see traditional animation specially done the right way. Great job.

BTW, belated happy Easter to you and Alfredo. Tried to text back to you but for some reason it didn't go through. Take care and all the best on Wulfie. Regards to Alf.

Jay D Smith said...


Marcos Mateu said...

All these scenes and designs look very cute!
I like the idea as well for the story.

Ale said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and support!

Ale said...

Armand! O_O Thank you so much for your kind words, you really made my day!

Sorrentino said...

the animation looks great!! lovin' the wulfie! the SECRET OF THE KELLS
is still one of my favs! cheers!

TURCIOS. said...


Aurelie said...

Oh it's so nice! i love the way you and Alfredo are animating these characters!
I look forward to seeing the whole trailer :)
bisous de Paris



Ed! said...


sono arrivato qui dal blog di Flaviano (ma tu vedi quanta gente brava c'è a Torino!)
Mi sono spulciato tutto il blog. Sono estasiato :) Hai tutta la mia stima.
Complimenti. Lavori bellissimi.


Iuri Araújo said...

Very good this animation Alessandra!
I'm studing animation by myself, doing some exercises of body mechanics and posting these in my blog. If you have a time, go there to help me with comments. I'm really need this feedback to do better animations in the future.^^'
That's this.
I really like your job in this and the previous video. xD

Matt J said...

Lovely work guys-the 'rolling' walk cycle on the tortoise works very well.

Ale said...

Aurelie, I'm so glad to read that you appreciate our animations on Wulfie! Thank you for making the characters so cute ;)

Ed, oddio quanti complimenti O_O ..grazie mille! Se sei anche tu a Torino magari ci si becca per il prossimo Sketchcrawl. Ciao ciao!

Iuri, I definitely will. Thank you for the visit!

Matt, great to hear from you, thanks for stopping by, I'm very glad you enjoyed my crazy turtle ;D

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Ed! said...

sì sì, Torinissimo che di più non si può ^__^ Beh. Al prossimo Sketchcrawl allora (ti assicuro che ci si diverte... e poi fa sempre piacere conoscere gente nuova con le stesse passioni).