August 21, 2008


A couple of character shots from the pirates show I am working on at the moment. All drawn on Flash.

August 05, 2008

Sad news.

Our little tiger is very sick.
We just found out he has got a horrible viral disease called FIP, feline infectious peritonitis, and there is no known cure for that. It occurs when the cat reacts inappropriately to feline coronavirus infection, better known as the lousy flu virus. Most cats mount an immune response after getting infected, kick the virus out and live happily ever after. But for reasons that are still not fully understood an unfortunate few cats develop this disease, especially the young ones.
Sadly, kittens with FIP don't survive more than a few weeks.

Our heart is broken but we are trying to do our best and make him feel as loved as possible.. It's so sad, he's only 5 months old.

We made a blog called "Cirillo", a diary with which we hope to get close to the people who are experiencing the same nightmare and help all the cat lovers to understand and recognize its symptoms.