April 18, 2010

UPDATE! Verne WON THE AWARD at the Cartoons on the Bay festival!

A huge congratulations Sylvain and all the amazing crew at Cartoon Network, we're so proud to have been part of this project!

April 12, 2010

Verne at the Cartoons on the Bay festival

"Verne on vacation" - copyright 2009/2010 Turner Entertainment Networks International Limited

Yay! So two reasons to be happy: one is the nomination, and the other one is that I can finally show you a picture from it!
As I already mentioned, a few months ago Alf and I had the pleasure to animate on this great flash short film for Cartoon Network, with our friend and super talented director Sylvain Marc.
The pilot has been recently selected to go to further development and we are very excited about it!
So here are a couple of images for you to bite.
The first two are actual stills from the short, the last one is an early character concept made by Sylvain.
I hope it will be aired soon, so I can show also some animation ;)