September 24, 2010

Here's the book!

"Leila Blue" vol.1 - Mondadori

I grabbed a few copies of "Leila Blue" on tuesday but I've been so busy wrapping the illustrations of volume 2 that I've barely looked at it. Well, so here it is!
And it's super glossy! That feature actually came as a big surprise, I thought the border was going to have a regular matte lilac finish. Even the tiny windows shine as they catch the light! ...Ok enough with the girly rambling :)
Anyway, I must say it's a pretty sweet book, nice and thick. I'll take more pictures as soon as I can!
For those who asked it, the illustrations are in black and white, plus 16 full-color pages.
160 pages - 14 x 20 cm (5.5" x 7.8")

September 17, 2010

Leila Blue

And finally here it is, I can show you the cover of my first illustration book!
I've been working on it in the past months and still am actually, as it's going to be a series of 4 volumes. The story is very sweet, I admit I utterly enjoyed reading it!
So this is the final look of the main character, it's pretty different from my first sketches :)
I haven't seen it printed yet, so I'm very curious about it. I'll post pictures as soon as I get to grab one copy!
The book is out on the 21st of September! Yay Leila!

Oh, and yes. It's all done in good old Flash ;)